Thursday, March 7, 2013


Allen and I are leaving for the beach today when I get off work for his yellow ribbon ceremony this weekend.  I am so excited to leave for a few days but I am having a hard time getting motivated to pack.  Maybe because I did a little too much of this last night
It has been a stressful week and it was Wednesday what do you expect!

While Allen is at meetings all day Saturday and Sunday morning I am planning on being lazy and listening to the beach but I still need clothes.  I ALWAYS overpack and I am trying not to this weekend but I have to have all my comforts of home.  When I go home at lunch I am going to speed pack so I am trying to get my list of stuff together.  I always have to have a list because I love checking things off. 

Right now my list is:
Carolina Wine Glass 
Vodka (for Allen)
Diet Coke (I do drink other things besides alcohol)
All my toiletries 
2 Pillows
Stuffed Penquin
Heating Pad (I cannot sleep unless I have all three: pillows, penquin & hp)
Bathing Suit (maybe it will be warm enough to layout)
Beer (only if it is warm enough to lay out)
Comfy Clothes
Maybe one cute outfit?????
Spices to cook with (it is too expensive to eat out down there and who am I kidding I love cooking more anyway :) )
Candles (cannot live without those)
Cellphone charger (at least 2 because Allen will forget his)
Little cube speaker to listen to music on the balcony

I feel like I am forgetting something oh well I guess I will just use my mothers motto "you can't forget something that you can just buy down there"

Cannot wait to get down there and rest and relax :) 

What are some of your necessities when you travel?


  1. I have that motto too! My hubby hates it! haha But I sure don't mind any excuse to shop!

  2. I completely agree with you! I do love some shopping!!! Thank you for commenting :)

  3. The one thing I always seem to forget at the last minute is sun glasses. And then I have to stop at the first store and buy a pair. I can't travel or go to the beach without them though!!