Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Update

Happy Monday everyone!!!  I am still happy from such a wonderful busy weekend.  I unofficially started my weekend on Thursday with a double date (finally) with Danielle and Jason and Allen (of course :)) We went to this new restaurant called Back Porch.  It was so beautiful inside and the food was amazing! If you are in the neighborhood check it out.  Allen and I liked it so much we went back Friday night with my brother and his new girlfriend.  We officially decided that when we get married we want to get married there it is just perfect for us.

Saturday Allen and I didn't do much we slept in and I made brunch.  Then we went shopping for a new rug but no luck.  We then went to the grocery store and I decided to rent a rug doctor to clean our carpets Sunday when Allen was at work.  We actually debating going back to Back Porch Saturday night but since we don't want to be those crazy people and we spent almost $200 there the past few days we opted out.  I instead tried my hand at a creole pasta.  I used whole wheat noodles, made a light version of a creamy sauce and we had chicken and shrimp in it.  Along with a BLT Cesar salad it was amazing!  Lots of spices!!!!  We ended the night watching out favorite show Duck Dynasty it was a perfect evening. 

Sunday was an early one.  When Allen  works when I am off I tend to wake up when he does and get started on my day.  He left at 6:30 and I was up and cleaning.  I started cleaning my carpets which I thought were fairly clean but that rug doctor got out so much dirt and grim I am thinking I might rent one every other month to just go over everything.  I started our dinner for the evening.  I actually made yummy crock pot chicken with just low sodium chicken stock, carrot and mushrooms.  The chicken turned out amazing.  I also made some roasted veggies and potatoes to round out the meal.  We didn't eat until about 8:30 that night but it was yummy. 

After finishing the chicken in the crockpot and my carpets I was killing time letting my carpets dry at Walmart so I got some paint to spruce up my guest bathroom and the paint had GLITTLER in it!  And I am so happy with my results. 
This was my before!
And AFTER!!!!
Sorry for the harsh light I think I still had my flash on but isn't it gorgeous :)
The only causality was my nails.  Going today after work to get them fixed as you can sell there is still blue glitter paint on them. 

 Such a great weekend sad I had to come back to work today but off to the beach this weekend YAY!

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  1. We had a lot of fun on Thursday! I can't wait for a chance to go back, and I love the bathroom, can't wait to see it in person!