Monday, August 26, 2013

I am wearing Yellow Shoes today!!!!!

My title has absolutely nothing to do with what I am going to write about but this weekend I found my favorite yellow shoes I bought last year for $10.  I thought I lost them forever!!!!! 

We had Jackson this weekend.  Allen and I want to take Jackson camping in the future but we know we need to get him kinda use to the idea so they "camped out" in the living room.  Allen has a small army tent that fit in our living room and we had lanterns and I found this awesome alarm clock that projects images on the ceiling so they could sleep under the stars.  I grilled hot dogs and pre heated my oven to make some fries.  I go take pepper out and come back in my house is filled with smoke.  My oven was so dirty that it started a small fire in the bottom.  I made my mind up that Saturday I would clean that thing and it would not happen again.  Side note: we did get the smoke out and the camping was a success.  We even watched Yogi Bear the movie perfect night :) 

That night I started looking up ways to safely clean your oven on Pinterest.  I did not want to use chemicals or anything that would be harmful so I found this

So many awesome cleaning tips and ideas.  I used baking soda and water made a paste, put it all over my oven and let it sit for about 2 1/2 hours.  Then I sprayed a vinegar and water mixture in the oven and let that sit for another 30 minutes.  My oven was gross to say the least.  When I started scrubbing most of the baked on food just came off with ease.  The hardest part was getting all the baking soda out of the oven but I was extremely impressed with my results.  I forgot to take a before and after but it was so much better. 

dirty oven

This is probably the closest to what my oven looked like before.   Nasty right! 

I did not know how powerful baking soda and vinegar are on spills and such so I had an idea, since I am on vacation this week (and Allen and I are getting ready to move) I figured this was a perfect time to deep clean my house. I am going to post each day a before and after of what I do and my reviews of some tips I have found on Pinterest.   So excited!!! Tomorrow is the refrigerator :)  

Happy Monday!!!!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Transformation Thursday!

Whew!! This has been some week my friends....Allen and I finalized our color selections on our house.  I am over the moon excited about starting our lives together in a home we (I) customized.  Those post will be coming soon :) Work is still as crazy as it can be but this past weekend I bought (felt like I stole b/c it was an awesome deal) a treadmill from the one and only Danielle.  So at least I can get up in the morning at get some cardio going before work.  Allen is loving it too!!!  

So on to what people care about :)

I have weighed this morning and I was down more 226.5!!!!  WooHoo!!!!  I was very happy especially since I kinda stress ate last night and got the best chicken fingers ever. And sometimes a girl just needs some fried food, a glass bottle of wine, and her best friend to make an awful day better! But I did run/walk this morning so that makes up for it my stress eating.   

I am getting so close to my first goal!!! I am going to write about a few recipes this afternoon when I am not as busy!!!  

Monday, August 19, 2013

Past Week!

So I have been so busy with so much exciting-ness (I know it isn't a word but it is all good ) that I haven't been able to blog about any of it.  So I am going to update ya'll on the past two weeks!

 Hands down the best time I have ever had! Allen had bought tickets for my daddy and I to go see KISS a while back.  It was such a wonderful time.  I got to spend time with my daddy and we got to see our favorite band up-close and personal!  And we got to touch Paul Stanley's boot!!  

 Just a few more of my 2 favorites!!!  
Gene Simmons

 Paul Stanley - Paul is my absolute favorite because he can rock feathers, sequins and stars better than anyone I know and he is actually an extremely talented singer.  He even starred as The Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera! 
Allen and I met with our realtor and started a contract on our house!!!!  We picked all the colors out and everything and surprisingly Allen agreed with my choices.  I cannot wait to see everything come together!!! 

Saturday was a lazy rainy day.  I was going to get up early and go to the Farmer's market and make a organic farm to table breakfast for us but I slept in.  Allen and I got to spend sometime with Jackson and we helped Danielle and Jason get stuff into their storage building.  I really wish I had take a picture of Jackson moving his "heavy" boxes.  I hated we didn't get to spend more time with them but we will soon!  Also Saturday night after we took Jackson home, Allen and I stumbled on this show called Too Cute on Animal Planet.  It is seriously the sweetest show ever.  Makes me miss my pup being that little.  
She even enjoyed the show!!!  

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Confessional

It's Friday, It's Friday, It's Friday!!! I am linking up with Aubrey for Friday Confessional!

I have been a little obsessed more than normal with Pinterest.  My wedding is over a year away but I just keep pinning ideas. I just keep thinking at least I am being proactive, right?

I might be a little TOO excited about us buying and building our first home.  We picked a lot last week and hopefully going to put the money down early part of next week.  I just can't believe I get to customize our  home and we will be living in a brand new home.  I have never done that in my life so I am so excited.  I am also pinning tons of DIY ideas that I want to do.  

I am also a little excited that next week will be the last week that my brother and his girlfriend will be staying with us.  I love both of them but my apartment was getting too cramped and I cannot wait to be able to clean his room out!

I have always had a love for the band KISS probably because my daddy love that band so much but still they are awesome and put on such a great show.  Next Tuesday, daddy and me will be rocking out to KISS courtesy of my wonderful fiance!  I cannot wait!

Allen has drill this weekend and he is having to stay overnight.  As much as I love him and I will miss him, I am looking forward to hopefully having some much needed Jennifer time.  

So much Happy is going on right now and I am truly blessed!!  It is so easy to look at what you DON'T have instead of basking in the blessings you do have!   

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Transformation Thursday

This post is going to be short because it is crazy busy at my office today :) 

This morning when I weighed the scale teetered between 228.7 and 229.1 so I am going to go with the higher number just to be more accurate. I have lost 2.1 pounds YAY which I am so excited about.  I didn't post last week because I was feeling bloated and gross but I am feeling great today.  I have been to the gym 1 this week already and I am going tonight and tomorrow morning!!!  I am getting closer and closer to my first goal and I am so happy.  I am hoping to be under 200 (even if it is 199.9) by the end of the year.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I apologize it is short but momma's gotta work to pay her bills :) 

 Yay for finally feeling like I am looking smaller in my face!!  I had a lady in one of the offices in our office building stop me and say I didn't know you could wear patterned scarves and patterned shirts together.  I told her I don't know if you can but I love the look. :) Gotta love conversations you will have with random people in the bathroom.  I did actually wash my hair in the correct shampoo yay!  But didn't have time to (or feel like) drying and styling my hair today :) 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reasons Why I Drink Wine


So I have been a little crazy busy the past few weeks and weekends...Most of it has been very fun and exciting, some sadly has been a little stressful and draining.  But nevertheless I am excited for the most part.  

Exciting Things to Celebrate so therefore I drink wine!

*We have finally started to plan our wedding and I am getting so excited.  I know it is a long time away but still I am excited!

*Last night Allen and I picked our lot to start building our house!!!  We actually picked a 1st choice and a 2nd just incase our 1st choice was taken.  We are putting a down payment on it next week and hopefully will be in it by the end of the year.  I am OVER THE MOON about it!!!!!  I have also found a few DIY projects from pinterest that I am dying to try and if I could convince a very crafty friend of mine(after her wedding, of course) to help we could possibly get somethings done....and Yes there will be WINE involved. 
 Just a few projects I want to start with:

Target stools transformed with foam and fabric!DIY project- Fancy lattice and a sheet of plywood on top....I think this would make an awesome coffee table maybe in red!  Sweet DIY Craft Ideas for your home :)Spray paint fake flowers one color and attach to a canvas. Would LOVE to do this for an accent piece above our bed!
  *I have really come to absolutely LOVE my job.  Granted it is also something that gives me lots of stress but I feel like I finally found my career!

*I know I gush about Danielle on her (maybe a little too much) but have always been a cheerleader for the people I love and she is no different.  I continue to be amazed with her talents.  She is making something very special for me to give to very special people and it is going to be gorgeous. (and no that wasn't to butter you up to help me either friend :) )

Stressful Things to calm me down therefore I drink wine!

*FAMILY DRAMA!!!!  That is all that I am going to say

*Other people's opinions.  Do not get me wrong.  I love getting people's opinions when I ask for them but when people I hardly know me (or family that think that they know what I like) want to tell me what I should do for my wedding I get very annoyed.  I had to tell my aunt whom I love very much that my momma and I are on the same page and I am going to do what is pretty to me.  If I wanted monkeys hanging off the ceiling that is what I am going to have...

*People telling me I better invite them to my wedding.  People that I have had limited contact with keep asking to come to my wedding.  I just act like I don't hear them because I am just shocked that people do that.  But it must be the equivalent to random people touching a pregnant woman's belly.