Thursday, June 27, 2013

Transformation Thursday!

Thank you to miss Danielle for my pretty logo :)

Here we go!

Well I haven't done that great this week.  I am up 1 lb so now I am at 238.3  I will get it back off I and lose more next week hopefully.

I have been really stressed and down this week.  Partly due to my new job.  I do not like not being able to know what I should know.  I will get there I just feel a little overwhelmed this week.  I have been really down this week.  I want to always keep my blog happy and light but this has been a rough one friends.  I am looking at the good in my life and trying to stay positive though.  I am more motivated than ever though to get this weight off and when I used to be sad I would just gorge myself with food.  I haven't done that this week so that shows me my self control is getting better!!! So that is a plus!  


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Men's Wine Logic


Happy Wednesday Lovelies!!!  I am linking up with Danielle and Aubrey for yet another Wino Wednesday :)

Ok so there are a lot of things that women do that we think are totally normal but men think are strange and confusing.

*Having more than one pair of the same shoe....Gulity
*Saying "bless her heart" before talking about someone - in Southern law this negates anything negative you   say about said person so that you can say you never talk about them...Gulity
*Having lots of different jewelry but always wearing the same thing...Gulity
*Buying makeup that you know you will probably never wear but on a Saturday night after a few glasses of wine trying to use it at home in your bathroom...Gulity
*Decorative throw pillows...Gulity and truth be told I am a little too obsessed with my throw pillows but I love them and they make a room.  I am my mothers daughter.  
*Glitter - Allen still cannot understand my obession
Heck just watch the Real Housewives and you can come up with lots of examples.

Men are just as strange!  I won't go into everything because I would never get to my wine post!!!  

So Monday night, my brother was going to the grocery store and asked if I needed anything I gave him a few items and said "IF Bi-lo has Liberty Creek Pinot Nior (notice I said if) would you please get me 2 bottles." (Ok, I will admit, I wasn't out but getting close in my eyes of being that way) And besides if you get two big bottles you get a discount :) 

About 35 minutes later Adam comes back with this...

Liberty Creek Merlot 1.5L 
That is MERLOT.  If you know me fairly well Merlot is no my favorite.  Honestly I hate it I don't know why it just isn't good to me.  I asked Adam why he got it and he said he thought I drank it.  WHAT you have lived with me for years you should know better.  

Then he said it is red so I figured they all taste alike. My mind was blown!   

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Confessional

Happy Friday Everyone!! I am linking up with Aubrey for Friday Confessional.

 I confess...
I am absolutely in love with my new blog design. Danielle is the best. I am lucky that I have such a talented best friend. **Also she made me do an About Me page so feel free to check that out :)**

I confess... 
I have not had the time the past two weeks to do Transformation Thursday. I am very upset with myself but I am going to do better. I am down to 237.3 and feeling absolutely wonderful. 

I confess...
The past 2 months I have been obsessed with cleaning, organizing, and decluttering apartment. Even this morning I woke up when Allen left for work at 6:30 I was up cleaning the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. I think I am driving Allen and Adam crazy with it but that is OK; no one wants a dirty house :)

I confess...
I have found my deep love for word searches again. Give me a word search book, a pack of highlighters and a glass of wine and you have a happy Jennifer.

I confess...
While I had an amazing time at wine Wednesday this week, but I had a little too much and signed my itemized bill instead of signing the right copy. Luckily I am friends with the manager and she texted me and I got everything squared away. I still was a little embarrassed.

I confess...
Having 3 other people living in a 2 bedroom apartment has been stressing me out a little lately. I am counting down the days until July 1st when my brother and his girlfriend moved into an apartment. Allen and I have hardly had any alone time since he has been home from over seas (that was in December 2012) 

I am so excited for Danielle's jewelry party Saturday and I hope I don't spend too much on her gorgeous jewelry.  Check her website out if you haven't already Wired Essentials. It is also my daddy's and my MOH Megan's birthday on Sunday.  I love that two of my favorite people were born on the same day.

 I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!!  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wine Wednesday Out :)


It is another Wine Wednesday which means I am linking up with Danielle and Aubrey.

I am so excited about actually getting to go out with my girlfriends tonight for some wine, food and fun!  I will really enjoy the break!  This month has been a bit of a crazy one.  I feel like I have worked non-stop. Getting this new position in my office is amazing.  I am actually happy about coming to work and I feel like I am actually doing something other than just answering phones and running errands. But it does come with a huge work load and tons of responsibility.  I told Danielle this Monday when we had lunch that I didn't have much fun this weekend and I only had 3 glasses of wine.  She laughed and asked if that is how I gauge weekends and it isn't but I haven't had time to relax.  I worked on spreadsheets and quotes and such for work over the weekend, spent time with both sets of grandparents (I know I am lucky that I am almost 30 and still have all four of mine around and healthy), cleaned my apartment, along with errands, church and such it was a jam packed weekend with hardly any rest.  

At home I have been cleaning out my apartment.  I am finally organizing and de-cluttering the place but it has taken almost a month of weekends to get everything except my hall closet that might be this weekends project.  So I stay busy but it is good to be busy and not lazy but still it is nice for the break.

Sorry for the rambling....I am so excited to see all of our friends tonight and catch up.  I was reading Danielle's blog and I completely agree with her about we use to see each other at least once or more a week.  Some of us (ahem Danielle and myself sometimes saw each other twice a day.)  Don't get me wrong I love that we are all moving forward in our lives and we when we see each other it seems like our time is even more special but the random nights were so much fun too.   

So here is to not cooking dinner, drinking wine and not having to clean up when you are done :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Madness

As I said a few weeks ago I have started a new job.  I do love all the responsibility I have now and also I STAY busy.  Which is good except I don't get my blogging in like I should :(.  But anywho, I swear that I think spreadsheets were created by the devil himself to make (almost) sane people like myself go crazy.  I have finish 3 and still have 5 more to do this week.  WTH!!!!!!!  I am a little slow because I am still learning how to read all these quotes and such, add to that my number dyslexia, you have one stressed out Jennifer that wants to say some four-letter words!!  So I have made a new holiday in blogger world.  
Hello Wine Wednesday EVE!!!!  I will be having a glass or 3 tonight as I soak in a bath listening to Ryan Adams and The Civil Wars. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I am that Wino


I am linking up with Danielle and Aubrey for Wino Wednesday. 

So last night Allen and I were going to use the last package of turkey hotdogs because they needed to be eaten by June 11.  (By the way I think turkey hotdogs taste just as good if not better than regular and way way way less fat) So he asked me if I could go by the store and get some whole wheat buns and some meat to make chili.  So that was all I was going into the store for right.   Well $50 later I got the 2 specified items; along with tomatoes, lettuce, 2 bags of Baked Lays cheddar and BBQ flavor (in my defense they were on sale for 2 for $7), 2 bags of fat free cheese to try (again on sale) then of course 2 big bottles of my latest favorite wine Liberty Creek Pinot Noir :)  It is my favorite mainly because it is only $7.49 for the big bottle at Ingles but also because it has such a smooth finish.  

When I get home all my groceries Allen didn't even ask why I bought 2 more bottles of wine he just put them in my designated wine cabinet with the other 3 big bottles I already had in there.  I am worried one day I will run out or a friend will come over and I will be wineless and that is a sad thing. 

I am that kind of Wino and I am not ashamed :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Transformation Thursday

It has been 5 weeks since I started my journey to a healthier me.  I am extremely happy for my results too!

This was me when I first started 252 lbs. 
This is me today at 241.1!!!! I have lost 11 pounds in 5 weeks.  

Pounds Lost - 3.9 pounds in 2 weeks!!!  Woohoo
Emotion - Excited and Happy
Favorite Meal - Baked Chicken, roasted veggies and baked sweet potato!
Water Count - It is getting intense!  Lots and Lots and Lots
Workout - I haven't been able to work out because I have been training in my new job position. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wino Wednesday


It is Wednesday again and that means I am linking up with Danielle and Aubrey

I work in the insurance industry and last week I got some huge news.  Vickie, my co-worker, was offered a new job and she is going to take it...therefor I am getting her job and a nice raise and bonus!!! I have been so excited about it but also I have been super duper busy training.  Tonight will be the first night that I will be getting to celebrate and have a glass of wine and I can't wait.  

If I wasn't trying to save money I would try to twist my bestie to meet me at one of our favorite places.  I might still try :) What do you say friend?

I hope everyone has a wonderful wine Wednesday!