Thursday, July 25, 2013

Transformation Thursday!

My name is Jennifer and this week I have been a complete STRUGGLE PUPPY!!!!  I have been working so hard at work and going home just to crash.  This morning alone I forgot to fold clothes and make my bed.  Washed my hair with my conditioner instead of shampoo and had to put my makeup on at work.  Lord help! It has also been the week when your "special gift" comes so I am not feeling too hot.  But nevertheless, I am here to document my weight loss so here we go!

Please ignore my hair, like I said I washed it with conditioner not shampoo.  Struggle Puppy!
Yesterday I wore a pair of pants that I have not been able to fit into for almost a year!!  Woohoo!!!!  Today I am wearing a skirt that was WAY too tight and now I feel comfortable in it.  My weight is at 231.2 which is a little down from the last time I posted but not that great.  I am taking into the fact that I am a little bloated and I have also eaten fries the past two days at lunch and gave in to some sweet tea....with Danielle :)  I normally get un-sweet and put Splenda in my tea.  Definitely not as good as sweet tea but still it works some of the time.  But not this week I needed some fatty foods.   I will say though that it was totally worth it.  I am continuing to drink tons of water.  I think now I am getting use to it.  I love my Diet Coke but I don't crave it like I use to, which is awesome. I am going to do better this weekend and next week though. 

I hope everyone has a great Thursday :)

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  1. Make me feel bad for drinking sweet tea ;) I need to switch back to water. You're looking good babe!