Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend in Pictures :)

I have to say I had one of the best weekends I have had in a long time even though a migraine had me in bed at 7:30 Friday night. 

Friday after work my momma and I went to look at where I was wanting to have a wedding and during the meeting we picked out almost everything.  I told momma I didn't want to look anywhere else.  So Allen and I are getting married on Saturday September 20, 2014 at 5pm.  I didn't take many pictures because I forgot I had my phone with me.  But it is going to be perfect. Right down to the gold leaf wallpaper and purple accented carpet :)

Saturday Allen and I went to go visit my aunt, uncle and cousin in Columbia.  We had a scare 2 weeks ago with my Uncle Greg.  He went in to the hospital for some exploratory surgery to see what was wrong with his heart and we almost lost him.  He has always been my favorite uncle and he is my momma's youngest brother so we were all upset.  But by the grace of God he is doing well and I was so happy to see him looking very good.  He didn't look sick at all. It rained on and off most of the day but we stayed inside and just visited with them.  We didn't even know it was as late as it was until Nicholas started falling asleep.  We left around 9:15 but it was such a fun time. 

This is my sweet cousin Nicholas!  He is so smart. and didn't want us to leave especially Allen.

He even beat Allen at boxing and Golf on the wii.
Sunday was a kinda lazy day.  I got up early and got ready because my brother wanted to go with me to church but of course he slept in.  So I went to the grocery store to get stuff for the week.  Once, I came back I started some chicken, carrots and mushrooms in the crock-pot.  Then I cleaned up a little.  After that, I sat down with a nice glass of wine and watched some CSI:NY (my newest obsession on Netflix)  After a few episodes and a few glasses of wine I started cooking low-fat mac and cheese and it was yummy.  We even had Jackson come over for a "surprise" visit.  (I would not have been drinking if I knew that we were going to have him) But he was so happy to see pepper.  He even got my phone and took a few pictures.  I will let you guess which ones he took. 

Has such a wonderful imagination. 

These two own my heart!

Love this picture except for my red-eye and no make-up but oh well.  I love that he looks so happy.

By Jackson!

Another by Jackson was trying to clean up and he got me!

Another Jackson Picture

This was my brother's photography!  Not any better than a 4 years haha This was right after we picked out what our first song is going to be. 

This morning I woke up when Allen left and I started going through my jewelry.  This job is going to take some time.  But when I was looking I found a little box that had To: MY Angel From: Daddy, when I opened it it was two gold bracelets that he had bought me YEARS ago.  I think one was for my 15th birthday and one for my 16th.  But I just started crying because I remember how I hated them because they were gold and I thought they were so ugly.   How times change because now I love them. I just love that I have a daddy that actually picked out and bought me jewelry. They went straight on my left wrist and will probably never leave again. When I got to work I was talking to him and he noticed them and he said he bought them for me because I was his heart.  I am getting so sentimental especially about my wedding and I started crying again. 

If you look closely one design is a heart and one has heart charms hanging from the chain.


  1. I'm so glad you had such a great weekend :) Is it the 14th or the 20th? Love you girlie!

  2. Whoops it is the 20th hahaha. I guess I want to be super early for my wedding.