Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This is going to be a different post but man this year has thrown some crazy turns.  Some good, some bad...  My dad's business partner (and my direct boss) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year.  She is 48 years old and has always been a health & exercise nut.  So when she was having some issues none of us thought that it would ever be the "worse case" scenario that the doctors painted.  She went through the "wipple" surgery and chemo brilliantly she was even told last month after her CT scan she was cancer free.  She went last Tuesday for a follow up CT scan and found a spot on her liver.  Yesterday she had some other test done and got her results today.  The results were grim!  The cancer has spread in just 3 weeks and was getting bigger.  So she is starting chemo not to cure her but to prolong her life which the doctor gave her a year.  I am just so in shock.  I am a believer and I know that everything happens for a reason but sometimes you wonder why...This woman has a 24 year old son in dental school and a 16 year old daughter in high school.  I just cannot understand why things happen the way they do and I know God is always in control and HE is the only one that knows but still why.  I have become so close to this woman I use could not stand and now she is like a 2nd mother to me.  I know that He heals and He will protect her.  I just hope that anyone that is reading this to remember TELL the people you love the most you love them!  HUG the people you love!  Never take anyone for granted because in a flash any of us can be gone. 

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