Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another Wine Wednesday!!!!

It is Wine Wednesday!!!!  I swear my co-worker has been noticing that every Wednesday I wear a cute outfit and also bring my make-up to work.  I told her it is because it is Wine Wednesday.  I do believe it is how almost 30-somethings (Sorry Danielle and Smash but we are:) cope with the week!  I am very excited about tonight because the 3 Musketeers will  be together again! It has been too long and we use to see each other every week.  

I wanted to kinda talk about these two special people in my life!  First Smash, (her real name is Ashley but she will always be my Smash) I met her when she was living with my brother's girlfriend (now ex YAY! that is for another post for another day) She came to my last party and my townhouse before I moved into my fabulous apartment now :) and when I met her I felt a cosmic, kindred connection to her.  After she said hello and I hugged her which I do to almost everyone, she asked me if I liked Britney!!! INSTANT BEST FRIEND!!!  We have gone through so much in the past few years!  I have to say Smash is one of those friends (well and Danielle too but I do talk to her everyday) that I could not see for months and we could pick up right where we left off.  I was so happy when she asked me to help her plan the biggest day of her life :) She is a special person in my life!  I love that we have become so close and we are so much alike except she is from Boston and if you watched Danielle's VLOG yall know I am from right here in South Carolina.

Then there is Danielle!  I met her a few times before we started to really be close and we didn't really talk that much.  Believe it or not Danielle can be a little quiet when you first meet her.  But one day out of the blue she called me and asked if I wanted to go with her to get a tattoo.  I have never been in a tattoo parlor and never really had the urge to get a tattoo but it was a Tuesday night and I had nothing better to do so I went.  I asked lots of questions to the tattoo artist, Buck, and felt like my 74 year old Mema because of the questions I asked.  Like what got you into this position and the craziest thing you done, etc.  When I get nervous I talk and talk but I think that made Danielle laugh.  I even asked her once if it hurt when she was squirming and curling her toes and she gave me that, are you freaking kidding me of course this hurts bitch look.  But in a sweet way :) After that we would go to lunch at least once a week, talk on yahoo messenger and over the course of almost 5 years we have become like sisters!  

I could not even begin to tell how much the two of these ladies mean to me.  About a year ago my boyfriend, Allen, his cousin/roommate/brother (because they were so close) passed away.  I hated seeing the man I love more than anything in the world so hurt like he was.  Brent was apart of the close-knit group and without any hesitation both Danielle and Smash were there for the both of us.  I have never in my life had friends be there for Allen and me like they were.  Without going into much detail it was something and is something we are dealing with but those two ladies were always there and listened and hugged me and allen when we needed it.  I didn't ask them to come to the funeral they came on their own.  When Allen and I where driving to the graveside he said it was so nice for your friends to come and I told him no honey they are your friends too.  He just held my hand and said he loved them.  About 3 months after this happened Allen was deployed to Kuwait.  They have been there for me whenever I get sad or lonely.  It has been a hard year but with these two ladies, who will never know how much I love, respect and care for them, I have been ok.  

I would have been lucky to just have one friend like that in my life but to have two I am overly-blessed :) I cannot for when Allen comes home so we can go on our couple vacation to the Mountains and go to wineries :) I love them very much!

I hope everyone can be as blessed as me to have such wonderful friends:) 

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  1. This is such a sweet post! Thank you so much for saying sweet things :) I love you!