Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Re-cap!

Yesterday was a very long day.  I was emotionally drained so I didn't have the energy to post about my weekend but I am well rested and 3 pounds lighter today (woohoo) so I am ready :) 

I tend to start my weekends on Thursday even if I have to work on Friday because I only work until 2 :) so I saw this on Facebook and it made me so very happy.  
Thursday night I had gone to dinner with my brother when we had our very empowering talk about me conquering my backyard but while I was waiting on him.  I poured a glass of wine lit my walmart pumpkin candle and looked/lusted over all the beautiful Pottery Barn things.  One day I will have a Pottery Barn Christmas!

Go Gamecocks!  Marcus Lattimore!!!!!

My Brother and I at our favorite bar for a late lunch and beers.

Our teams.  :) My coozie is the camo one for Allen :) and Adams is the Saints one.  

On Friday after work Adam and I went to the Nu-Way for a late lunch and beers :) It was fun because we haven't done that in at least a year when Adam was still in school.  There is something about this dive bar I just love. And it is close to my office and my apartment.  Being the loser that I am I was fast asleep at 8:30 on a Friday!  But Friday's are always like that for me I like my sleep. 

Saturday I cleaned, cooked some dinner, drank some wine, and watched Rock of Ages twice.  I just love that movie.  I love having Jennifer days like that.  I did not do anything much but it was ok.  I actually tried a few new recipes.  Did not succeed but at least I tried :) 

Sunday is my favorite day because I get to spend it with this sweet boy:
We went to church (which was an awesome message), then lunch at Wade's with my sweet friend Ashley and her child Jacob that Jackson is just crazy about.  Then Jackson and I watch Monsters and Aliens.  And we had a surprise phone call from Allen :) perfect Sunday!! He went home and I cooked chicken and rice. Which was perfect for a chilly day.

To make this weekend even better this handsome man will be back with me in exactly 8 weeks!!!! 
Cannot WAIT to see him again :)

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