Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trash Talking = Unattractive

I lost a lot of friends last night...on Facebook.  I hate to rant but I am absolutely disgusted on people voicing their opinions as though they are facts.  I was disgusted by both Democrats and Republicans.  I do not believe that Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is a place for political debates and passage aggressive remarks.  I have my opinion about whom I thought should be President and my close friends know that but I wouldn't belittle people who did not feel the same as me.  Everyone has the right to choose and choose is what they did.  People who berate others for not having the same opinion is just wrong.  I am an individual just like everyone else!  Honestly it is the same thing as people with football teams.  It is no surprise that I love the South Carolina Gamecocks...I am alumni there, most of my family are alumni from there and also I love the colors :)  But I also know the game of football a lot of people will post absolutely ridiculous posts on their social media outlets about their teams and trash talking others.  It is just getting to a point where I hate to be on any outlet at that time.  Don't get me wrong FRIENDLY competition is fine but saying extremely asinine remarks is not something that should be done.  Women need to act like LADIES and men need to act like GENTLEMEN!  That is what is wrong with this world it doesn't matter who you want for president or who your favorite team is or who you want as your American Idol...What is wrong is how people act when they don't or do get their way.  

I do apologize for this rant and I want to keep my blog light and fun but this is something that has just been weighing on me for awhile.  



  1. The hatefulness was awful last night. I made the mistake of checking out the interwebs before going to bed and I wish I hadn't. I was really disappointed in a lot of people, on both sides.

  2. I was too and not to get extremely religious but we are suppose to be ONE nation under GOD! He is the main one in control!

  3. Found you via Danielle! FB makes me sick sometimes!