Thursday, May 9, 2013

Being Your Best Self!

I have never been a petite small little girl like my momma.  I unfortunately got my daddy's build.  Big, broad shoulders, muscular legs and big calves.  But over the years I have gained and lost and gained more and lost less.
I am the one on the left.  This was me most of my life.  Probably 155lbs

 I still thought I was huge even then but what I would kill to look like that now.  This is me about 3 years ago at one of my biggest probably rounding in around 265+.  The sad thing is I thought I actually looked good until I saw the pictures of myself.  

I have drastically changed in the past years.  And in my defense, I had some major/tragic events happen in my life that made me so sad and hate myself so much.  Food was my friend and food made me happy.  Food never told me I was ugly, stupid or not good enough.  Food (for a small time) made me feel full and safe.  What I was doing was slowly killing myself which at this point in life I really didn't care.  But I was TIRED DONE being a victim!!!!  I also finally have absolutely wonderful angels that are some of the best friends you could ever ask for and I thank God every day for Danielle, Smash and Megan! And for Vickie who always lets me know how to make me feel better every day at work!! She is a wonderful woman and she will be my photographer throughout this process :)  They have shown me how friends are suppose to support and love you.  I never have to act like I am something I am not with them.  And I finally found a man that loves and respects me for me.  He acts treats me like a person not like a possession or just someone that is suppose to be seen but not heard.  And he asked me to marry him and I couldn't be happier about that either :)  I also have finally decided to stop blaming my mother for hating me.  She doesn't hate me she just knows that deep down I am not happy with how I am.  Which I am not but I have tired to put on a happy face but it is time for a major change. 
First picture Allen and I ever had together about 4 years ago I think at Easter.   

Ok, now do not get me wrong, I am no longer that sad girl with cheese fries as her best friend anymore.  I am so much happier but I still have to deal with the battle of losing the weight.  SO, what I have decided to do is tracking my weight loss (probably some weeks gain) every Thursday.  I am going to call it Transformation Thursday.  I will weigh in every Thursday report my weight and what I have done that week and my feeling about the week as well.  I am not going to make this sappy and sad but I want to try to uplift anyone else that is going through this same.  I am also going to keep everything happy and fun because this is an exciting time :) So here we go!
This was last Friday night when our group went to a dueling pianos dinner.  I was about 252 there. My arms are out of control but that scarf is amazaballs!!!!

Ok so this week I have been doing the Military Diet that Danielle's, wonderful finance, Jason told me about. The Military Diet look it up if you are interested.  I have seen some amazing results.  And you get to have ice cream every night!!  I should have taken a picture of my breakfast because it was wonderful.  A slice of cheddar cheese (favorite), 5 saltine crackers and an apple.  Perfection!!!
This is me this morning.  I weighed in at 245.5 this morning and I still have one more day to go.  I am very impressed with this diet and happy to already see some results. 
Stat Time:
Pounds lost - 6.5
Emotion - Happy and Super excited
Favorite Meal - As I said before, cheddar, apple and crackers for breakfast
Water Count - averaging about 168 ounces daily
Work Out - Not this week sadly gotta start back next week. 
Absolutely love this saying!!!!

I am looking forward to a healthier and continued happy Jennifer.  I hope that you enjoy this post (even though a little wordy) and please feel free to let me know how your transformations are going if you are in the process with me.


  1. I can't wait to start the Military Diet with you guys next week :) You're awesome friend!

    1. Me either lady!!! We will be looking good for our weddings :)

  2. Good luck and congrats on already losing 6 lbs! I'm starting this week on my own diet because my wedding is 3 months away and i'm stress eating which isnt good.

    1. Thank you I have a long way to go but I am going to keep a positive attitude!! Good luck with your diet as well and if you ever want to contribute to Transformation Thursday.

    2. please do I love getting other peoples ideas. Sorry I don't know why the rest didn't post on the first reply.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to becoming healthy!

  4. Following Military Diet is the best way to reduce weight so far and good to see that you are one among those.