Thursday, May 16, 2013

Transformation Thursday!

It is that time again!!!!  Well I had a very interesting weekend.  As much as I lost on the military diet I put it all back on the 4 days off.  So I have decided to just make good eating decisions and not do such a strict diet plan because I over did it.  So after eating clean and healthy, I am back at 246 yay! I realized that I can't just use the Military diet and lose weight just to put it right back on.  I am going to stick with something that is going to be more long term.  I love food and I don't want to deprive myself completely of what I like but I am also not going to gorge myself in those foods either.  And WATER WATER WATER!!!!!  I am pushing water like crazy and I feel so much better.  Tomorrow I go to the doctor to have my blood work done and talk to my doctor about a right nutrition plan.  I know my blood work is going to probably be bad but it is a starting point right.

Stat Time:
Pounds Lost - +.5 (which I am not happy about the gain but at least it is down from Monday)

Emotion - Still Happy but a little nervous about tomorrow's doctor appointment.  Good vibes and prayers are welcomed at 8:30 tomorrow.

Favorite Meal - My Fresh Market Salad from last night.  I meant to take a picture but it was so good.  Grilled Chicken, on a bed of spinach with mushrooms, chick peas, carrots, 
cucumbers, cheddar cheese and egg.  With Balsamic dressing it was so good!!!  

Water Count - I did awful with my water this weekend but I have been averaging about 168 ounces daily since Monday.  

Work Out - Still didn't get to the gym this week.  Going to try hard next week.  But Allen and I are going hiking Friday when he gets off work so that will be good :) 

Like I said in my first Transformation Thursday post, I am going to post the good, bad and ugly.  I am human and going to slide a little at times.  I hate it happened so early but I am learning from each week.  I am hoping that next week I have lost pounds to share with yall ;) 

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