Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wine Wednesday Out :)


It is another Wine Wednesday which means I am linking up with Danielle and Aubrey.

I am so excited about actually getting to go out with my girlfriends tonight for some wine, food and fun!  I will really enjoy the break!  This month has been a bit of a crazy one.  I feel like I have worked non-stop. Getting this new position in my office is amazing.  I am actually happy about coming to work and I feel like I am actually doing something other than just answering phones and running errands. But it does come with a huge work load and tons of responsibility.  I told Danielle this Monday when we had lunch that I didn't have much fun this weekend and I only had 3 glasses of wine.  She laughed and asked if that is how I gauge weekends and it isn't but I haven't had time to relax.  I worked on spreadsheets and quotes and such for work over the weekend, spent time with both sets of grandparents (I know I am lucky that I am almost 30 and still have all four of mine around and healthy), cleaned my apartment, along with errands, church and such it was a jam packed weekend with hardly any rest.  

At home I have been cleaning out my apartment.  I am finally organizing and de-cluttering the place but it has taken almost a month of weekends to get everything except my hall closet that might be this weekends project.  So I stay busy but it is good to be busy and not lazy but still it is nice for the break.

Sorry for the rambling....I am so excited to see all of our friends tonight and catch up.  I was reading Danielle's blog and I completely agree with her about we use to see each other at least once or more a week.  Some of us (ahem Danielle and myself sometimes saw each other twice a day.)  Don't get me wrong I love that we are all moving forward in our lives and we when we see each other it seems like our time is even more special but the random nights were so much fun too.   

So here is to not cooking dinner, drinking wine and not having to clean up when you are done :)


  1. I'll drink to that!

  2. I like your closing toast. Hope y'all had a great time last night.

    Thanks for joining Wino Wednesday!