Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I am that Wino


I am linking up with Danielle and Aubrey for Wino Wednesday. 

So last night Allen and I were going to use the last package of turkey hotdogs because they needed to be eaten by June 11.  (By the way I think turkey hotdogs taste just as good if not better than regular and way way way less fat) So he asked me if I could go by the store and get some whole wheat buns and some meat to make chili.  So that was all I was going into the store for right.   Well $50 later I got the 2 specified items; along with tomatoes, lettuce, 2 bags of Baked Lays cheddar and BBQ flavor (in my defense they were on sale for 2 for $7), 2 bags of fat free cheese to try (again on sale) then of course 2 big bottles of my latest favorite wine Liberty Creek Pinot Noir :)  It is my favorite mainly because it is only $7.49 for the big bottle at Ingles but also because it has such a smooth finish.  

When I get home all my groceries Allen didn't even ask why I bought 2 more bottles of wine he just put them in my designated wine cabinet with the other 3 big bottles I already had in there.  I am worried one day I will run out or a friend will come over and I will be wineless and that is a sad thing. 

I am that kind of Wino and I am not ashamed :)


  1. It would be a dark day if there were no wine in your house :)

  2. Actually, I probably need to go buy wine tonight. The only wine I have is the open bottle I have in the fridge, and that probably won't last past this evening. #winofail

  3. Super yay for cheap wine-I've tried the Liberty Creek and it was pretty good! Another cheap pinot I really loved was Little Black Dress, but I can't find it in Utah, I only found it when I was in Denver.

    You can never have enough wine in your cabinet!