Thursday, June 27, 2013

Transformation Thursday!

Thank you to miss Danielle for my pretty logo :)

Here we go!

Well I haven't done that great this week.  I am up 1 lb so now I am at 238.3  I will get it back off I and lose more next week hopefully.

I have been really stressed and down this week.  Partly due to my new job.  I do not like not being able to know what I should know.  I will get there I just feel a little overwhelmed this week.  I have been really down this week.  I want to always keep my blog happy and light but this has been a rough one friends.  I am looking at the good in my life and trying to stay positive though.  I am more motivated than ever though to get this weight off and when I used to be sad I would just gorge myself with food.  I haven't done that this week so that shows me my self control is getting better!!! So that is a plus!  


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