Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Men's Wine Logic


Happy Wednesday Lovelies!!!  I am linking up with Danielle and Aubrey for yet another Wino Wednesday :)

Ok so there are a lot of things that women do that we think are totally normal but men think are strange and confusing.

*Having more than one pair of the same shoe....Gulity
*Saying "bless her heart" before talking about someone - in Southern law this negates anything negative you   say about said person so that you can say you never talk about them...Gulity
*Having lots of different jewelry but always wearing the same thing...Gulity
*Buying makeup that you know you will probably never wear but on a Saturday night after a few glasses of wine trying to use it at home in your bathroom...Gulity
*Decorative throw pillows...Gulity and truth be told I am a little too obsessed with my throw pillows but I love them and they make a room.  I am my mothers daughter.  
*Glitter - Allen still cannot understand my obession
Heck just watch the Real Housewives and you can come up with lots of examples.

Men are just as strange!  I won't go into everything because I would never get to my wine post!!!  

So Monday night, my brother was going to the grocery store and asked if I needed anything I gave him a few items and said "IF Bi-lo has Liberty Creek Pinot Nior (notice I said if) would you please get me 2 bottles." (Ok, I will admit, I wasn't out but getting close in my eyes of being that way) And besides if you get two big bottles you get a discount :) 

About 35 minutes later Adam comes back with this...

Liberty Creek Merlot 1.5L 
That is MERLOT.  If you know me fairly well Merlot is no my favorite.  Honestly I hate it I don't know why it just isn't good to me.  I asked Adam why he got it and he said he thought I drank it.  WHAT you have lived with me for years you should know better.  

Then he said it is red so I figured they all taste alike. My mind was blown!   

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