Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reasons Why I Drink Wine


So I have been a little crazy busy the past few weeks and weekends...Most of it has been very fun and exciting, some sadly has been a little stressful and draining.  But nevertheless I am excited for the most part.  

Exciting Things to Celebrate so therefore I drink wine!

*We have finally started to plan our wedding and I am getting so excited.  I know it is a long time away but still I am excited!

*Last night Allen and I picked our lot to start building our house!!!  We actually picked a 1st choice and a 2nd just incase our 1st choice was taken.  We are putting a down payment on it next week and hopefully will be in it by the end of the year.  I am OVER THE MOON about it!!!!!  I have also found a few DIY projects from pinterest that I am dying to try and if I could convince a very crafty friend of mine(after her wedding, of course) to help we could possibly get somethings done....and Yes there will be WINE involved. 
 Just a few projects I want to start with:

Target stools transformed with foam and fabric!DIY project- Fancy lattice and a sheet of plywood on top....I think this would make an awesome coffee table maybe in red!  Sweet DIY Craft Ideas for your home :)Spray paint fake flowers one color and attach to a canvas. Would LOVE to do this for an accent piece above our bed!
  *I have really come to absolutely LOVE my job.  Granted it is also something that gives me lots of stress but I feel like I finally found my career!

*I know I gush about Danielle on her (maybe a little too much) but have always been a cheerleader for the people I love and she is no different.  I continue to be amazed with her talents.  She is making something very special for me to give to very special people and it is going to be gorgeous. (and no that wasn't to butter you up to help me either friend :) )

Stressful Things to calm me down therefore I drink wine!

*FAMILY DRAMA!!!!  That is all that I am going to say

*Other people's opinions.  Do not get me wrong.  I love getting people's opinions when I ask for them but when people I hardly know me (or family that think that they know what I like) want to tell me what I should do for my wedding I get very annoyed.  I had to tell my aunt whom I love very much that my momma and I are on the same page and I am going to do what is pretty to me.  If I wanted monkeys hanging off the ceiling that is what I am going to have...

*People telling me I better invite them to my wedding.  People that I have had limited contact with keep asking to come to my wedding.  I just act like I don't hear them because I am just shocked that people do that.  But it must be the equivalent to random people touching a pregnant woman's belly.



  1. You know I love crafty challenges :) I'm really looking forward to lunch tomorrow. I can't wait to hear about the house!

  2. I am so excited about all the life events you are planning for. Holler if you need another set of hands to get crafty. I'm happy to drive up and help out.

    Thanks for joining the Wino Wednesday party.