Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wine Wednesday!!!

                  Funny NickMom Ecard: I've found a wine that pairs perfectly with wine.

Happy Wine Wednesday Ladies!!!!!!!

Can I tell you I am super excited about going to my favorite restaurant/bar and have 1/2 bottle(s) of wine tonight!!!!  I picked my outfit out last night!  I guess this is what it is like for almost thirtysomethings do now haha.  I remember going to Charlotte Russe in Columbia every Thursday to buy my going-out outfits for the weekend when I was in college then go out all weekend drinking shots and beer.  Oh how the tables have turned, now I go out one night every few weeks for wine.  And no my dress is not from Charlotte Russe it is from Old Navy :) Truth be told I do not think I could fit into anything from there any more!

I am going with my sister by another mother Ashley :) Cannot wait!!! I even think Ms. Danielle will be making an appearance as well.  They haven't met yet and who doesn't love meeting over a glass(es) of wine :)  Wednesday is turning into a favorite day of mine!