Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap!

I have been a bad blogger this week! But I am going to get better I promise :)

I had a very fun weekend.  I was off Friday so I got a massage in the morning then ran all my errands and got home around 11 am so I had lots of time to relax and catch-up on my DVR.  I was going to clean but I decided to save that for Saturday :).

Friday night my best friend Danielle had a Halloween party at her boyfriend's apartment so I took my friend Ashley with me.  I wanted to be a peacock but could not get the costume together (next year) so I was something that I have been before.  80's glitter queen :)

This was my makeup.  I had so much glitter on my face.  I loved my eye makeup.  I used a primer then put on NYK glitter eye shadows (about 7 different ones) then I dusted my whole face with glitter powder.  Yes I had all this stuff already.  I wear glitter all the time ;) 
  I was pretty proud of my outfit.  The only few items I purchased was Glitter hair spray! (love it) leg warmers (which I have worn since) I think I am going to try to bring them back haha and some lace gloves.

This is me and my friend Ashley she was a zombie bridesmaid.  She looked awesome! 

Saturday was a very nice relaxing day.  Except for one of my favorite players getting hurt #21 Marcus Lattimore.  I hope he gets better.  I got to talk to Allen twice :) it was a huge excitement!!!!!  I don't get to talk to him much on the phone since he is in Kuwait so I was so happy to hear his voice :) I also kept my favorite little boy for the afternoon and we watched Monsters and of our favorite movies together.  He watched it once by himself while I cleaned then we watched it again.

Allen had called and we were talking to him on speaker then he started to dance and I had to record it.  He is just so funny!!

Saturday night I finally saw Magic Mike...I will say I wasn't too impressed. Then I went to bed. 

Sunday I went to church in the morning and took Jackson to lunch after church and we had a good time. Then I spent the rest of the day chilling on the couch.  I watched Rock of Ages and had the best time watching that movie.  I sang every song and I really liked it. 
Terrible picture but happy with my wine and movie!
Nothing like watching movies and sipping on wine :) Happy Sunday!

 How was everyone else's weekend?



  1. We're good at wine and movies aren't we? Lol

  2. Haha yes ma'am we are! I think that is a better combo than wine and pizza haha.