Thursday, August 22, 2013

Transformation Thursday!

Whew!! This has been some week my friends....Allen and I finalized our color selections on our house.  I am over the moon excited about starting our lives together in a home we (I) customized.  Those post will be coming soon :) Work is still as crazy as it can be but this past weekend I bought (felt like I stole b/c it was an awesome deal) a treadmill from the one and only Danielle.  So at least I can get up in the morning at get some cardio going before work.  Allen is loving it too!!!  

So on to what people care about :)

I have weighed this morning and I was down more 226.5!!!!  WooHoo!!!!  I was very happy especially since I kinda stress ate last night and got the best chicken fingers ever. And sometimes a girl just needs some fried food, a glass bottle of wine, and her best friend to make an awful day better! But I did run/walk this morning so that makes up for it my stress eating.   

I am getting so close to my first goal!!! I am going to write about a few recipes this afternoon when I am not as busy!!!  

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