Monday, August 26, 2013

I am wearing Yellow Shoes today!!!!!

My title has absolutely nothing to do with what I am going to write about but this weekend I found my favorite yellow shoes I bought last year for $10.  I thought I lost them forever!!!!! 

We had Jackson this weekend.  Allen and I want to take Jackson camping in the future but we know we need to get him kinda use to the idea so they "camped out" in the living room.  Allen has a small army tent that fit in our living room and we had lanterns and I found this awesome alarm clock that projects images on the ceiling so they could sleep under the stars.  I grilled hot dogs and pre heated my oven to make some fries.  I go take pepper out and come back in my house is filled with smoke.  My oven was so dirty that it started a small fire in the bottom.  I made my mind up that Saturday I would clean that thing and it would not happen again.  Side note: we did get the smoke out and the camping was a success.  We even watched Yogi Bear the movie perfect night :) 

That night I started looking up ways to safely clean your oven on Pinterest.  I did not want to use chemicals or anything that would be harmful so I found this

So many awesome cleaning tips and ideas.  I used baking soda and water made a paste, put it all over my oven and let it sit for about 2 1/2 hours.  Then I sprayed a vinegar and water mixture in the oven and let that sit for another 30 minutes.  My oven was gross to say the least.  When I started scrubbing most of the baked on food just came off with ease.  The hardest part was getting all the baking soda out of the oven but I was extremely impressed with my results.  I forgot to take a before and after but it was so much better. 

dirty oven

This is probably the closest to what my oven looked like before.   Nasty right! 

I did not know how powerful baking soda and vinegar are on spills and such so I had an idea, since I am on vacation this week (and Allen and I are getting ready to move) I figured this was a perfect time to deep clean my house. I am going to post each day a before and after of what I do and my reviews of some tips I have found on Pinterest.   So excited!!! Tomorrow is the refrigerator :)  

Happy Monday!!!!


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